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WALKaHOLIC HIKE (Banana Yellow)

WALKaHOLIC HIKE (Banana Yellow)

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COLOR: Banana Yellow

The harness adopt an integrated design, consisting of a neck collar and a chest strap. The neck collar is designed with a double-layer widened structure. It is secured at the back of the neck with a U-shaped ring and dual side buckles, allowing for quick and easy wearing while providing better protection for the neck. It helps to distribute the pulling force on the neck, effectively dealing with pet sudden rush. The chest strap features a buckle belt structure, allowing for size adjustment and locking during the first wear. The adjustment can be omitted for subsequent daily wearing.
The main body of the chest and back is made of ultra-fine regenerated leather, which is more environmentally friendly and sustainable. The material includes a layer of super-fine fiber, which offers breathability, flexibility, and resistance to pulling. It also provides excellent wear resistance, aging resistance, and waterproof performance.
WALKaHOLIC's exclusive design features a back hook-and-loop structure, with dual side buckles for secure fastening. This simplifies the wearing and removal process while distributing the pressure points, making it not easily to be opened. The U-shaped traction fixture is suitable for various types of leash attachments and locks.

SUITED FOR: Medium/ Large Dogs (Recommendations based on actual measurement size)

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